Friday, November 10, 2006

Persecution has begun

Election day was November 7th, just 3 days ago. But, the effects of it have already begun to be felt. I was just visiting Stacy over at the Persecution Blog, and found her blogging about how she felt persecuted during her time at the voting poll Monday.

Seems Stacy was approached by one of the women working the polls about the shirt she had on, as she came to vote. The shirt had the message, "Be a doer of the Word". This got the volunteers to talking about the Lord. But, apparently, the conversation struck a nerve with the head man, who asked her to leave. He accused her of proselytizing and trying to sway other voters. She said she was the only one in the room besides the volunteers.

This might seem a little bit trivial to some. But, the day is fastly approaching when we will not have the freedom in America that we have today. In fact, our freedoms are slowly being eroded. Things are getting so politically correct, it is going to be hard to even open your mouth without facing a penalty of some sort, perhaps jail time. This may sound a little overboard, but just have patience; it is coming!

Election night was a nightmare. The very thing we feared, as Christians, happened. People who were unhappy with the Iraq war were sold a bill of goods by the liberals, and they bought the whole bill! And, now the rest of us will have to bear the outcome with them. Stacy's own blog article has gotten her 3 comments - one for her, and the other two are attacks on her and her Christianity. Christianity has already been given the back burner, or thrown completely off the stove, in some instances. And, I believe, as the next few years go by, there will be more and more instances of Christian persecution in the states.

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