Friday, November 03, 2006

Seeds of doubt can destroy

Regardless of the truth of an allegation, when seeds of doubt have been placed in the minds of the people, they can destroy a person's reputation, his family, and even his life.

Allegations have been made by Mike Jones of Denver, a former gay male escort, against Rev.Ted Haggard, pastor of New Life Church in Denver, Colorado. He is saying he had a 3 year long affair with the pastor. Pastor Haggard says this is not true, and that he has never had an affair outside his marriage with his wife.

Jones made his allegations known to the public on a radio station in Colorado. He says he is coming forward because he feels Rev Haggard is being hypocritical in his stance against gay marriage. Sounds a little fishy, just a few days short of the elections, but he says he has recorded voice messages and a letter with $200 that this preacher gave him.

Only time will tell. But, Jones is having a polygraph test on the radio show today. Nevertheless, Haggard has stepped down from his pastorate temporarily. He has also resigned as leader of the National Association of Evangelicals. In the meantime, the Christian community needs to be in prayer for this pastor, the situation, and also for all the rest of America's Christian leaders. None are immune to attacks such as these,
and they need our prayers daily.

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Norma said...

What he has admitted to so far, doesn't sound good, and the voice on the tape does sound like him. Yes, it is timed for the election, but that's the prostitute's problem of sin. My heart goes out to his family and congregation.