Friday, November 24, 2006

With God, all things are possible

Too many times, we think that something is not possible. And, that is cutting God out of the process, because scripture says 'with God all things are possible' (Matthew 19:26). And, to say anything else is not true.

As Christians, we understand that God is

  • Omnipotent - has unlimited power or authority;
  • Omnipresent - present every where simultaneously;
  • Omniscient - He is all knowing.
But, if you aren't taught these things, you have no understanding of what our God is like. And, that's the way of the Muslims. But, God has a way of showing just how powerful He really is, showing His presence when He isn't seen, and how much He really knows, when others think they know it all. More and more Muslims are beginning to respond to the gospel.

Throughout the nearly 1,400 year history of Islam, Muslims have resisted the Christian gospel. Many Christians tried to reach them with the good news with little success.

But according to many reports from the Middle East and around the world, that history is changing.

"I see many, many Arabic-speaking people turning to Christ, accepting Him as Lord and Savior,” said Nizar Shaheen, host of Light for the Nations, a Christian program seen throughout the Muslim world. "It's happening all over the Arab world. It's happening in North Africa. It's happening in the Middle East. It's happening in the Gulf countries. It's happening in Europe and Canada and the United States-in the Arabic-speaking world. Everywhere, people are accepting Jesus."

"What's happening nowadays in the Muslim world has never happened before," said Father Zakaria Henein, an Egyptian Coptic priest is one of the foremost evangelists to the Muslim world. He says a cross-section of Muslims are accepting Jesus Christ. "Young and old, educated and not educated, males and females, even those who are fanatic."
We often put God in a box, and think He will only do what we want Him to do, or what we 'think' He can or will do. But, often, we are proven wrong. God is able to do 'exceedingly, abundantly, above anything we ask or think' (Ephesians 3:20).

"There is an end-time phenomenon that is happening through dreams and visions," said Christine Darg, author of The Jesus Visions: Signs and Wonders in the Muslim World. “He is going into the Muslim world and revealing, particularly, the last 24 hours of His life-how He died on the cross, which Islam does not teach-how He was raised from the dead, which Islam also does not teach –and how He is the Son of God, risen in power."

"We receive lots of letters about people who have had dreams about the Lord, visions, even miracles,” Shaheen said. “When they watch the program, they say yes, we had a dream or a vision, and they accept Jesus as Lord."

God will have His church ready when He comes. When we see those that do not believe in our God coming to Him, and facing persecution and often death, one realizes that He is indeed a powerful God, and there is nothing He can't do.

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