Monday, October 17, 2005

Anytime, Day or Night

How many times have you walked through the malls behind someone with his ears plugged, listening to music, tuning out the surroundings? It's on the streets, in the grocery store, the Doctor's office - you guessed it - everywhere!

Mitch Alborn, "Turn On, Tune In, Tune Out", writes about how time has changed since the television was first invented. We had a 'test time' - and I personally remember the 'little tests' that were run at night, and the television went off at a decent hour. Little did they know that it would evolve into a 24/7 time of watching television.

Along came the VCR and you could record and watch whenever. Then, there is now the TIVO, and you record, rewind, skip the commericals, and watch anytime you want. Alborn says he keeps waiting for the day when you watch your favorite programs during your sleep.
'All you do is press a button and your own boring dreams are replaced by "The West Wing." '

Seems there are to be no 'wasted moments' - no time for imaginations, day dreams or even talking or thinking! Now, you have the advantage of watching TV on the newest Apple iPods, anytime, anywhere.

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