Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Flimsy Sandwich for the Prosecutor?

Wes Pruden got it right when he wrote ‘Time To Bring In Two Slices Of Ham”. In other words, where is the proof that either Karl Rove or I.Lewis Libby has done anything wrong? Does the Prosecutor Fitzgerald have enough ‘mustard’ to make the sandwich stick together?

I, personally, haven’t seen any information that makes me believe that either Rove or Libby gave anyone the name of Joseph Wilson’s wife – the name she used as a secret agent – Valerie Plame. Neither Matt Cooper, of Time Magazine, or Judy Miller, of the NY Times, have said they got the name from these guys. They did testify they talked with them, but not that they gave her name. Matt Cooper stayed out of jail by making a deal (he was given the okay to use the name of his contact by the contact himself). Judy Miller decided to go to jail in order not to have to reveal her source. But, the Vice-President did finally tell her she was free to speak.

Miller released her notes where she had conversations with I.Lewis Libby, Vice-President Cheney’s chief of staff. Her notes say that he had been talking about Wilson’s wife weeks before Wilson’s claim that his wife’s cover had been leaked. The notes may be the one thing that DA Fitzgerald has that will prove detrimental to Libby.

This scandal is already more farce than comedy, but it's just the farce for Washington, where farce is mistaken for fact, and if nobody out there cares enough to read about it that makes it all the more delicious for insiders.

Facts speak for themselves, but are the facts this Prosecutor has enough to prosecute these two men? Or, is he out for publicity, in indicting two top men from the Republican presidency? Inquiring minds want to know,and perhaps we will find out the answer soon.

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