Saturday, October 22, 2005

New Orleans Churches Struggling

The First Baptist Church of New Orleans held it's first meeting, since Katrina, on October 9th. They were much smaller in number, but just as enthusiastic, as if the whole congregation was back.

The church was built high enough that the water only came to the steps. But, they didn't escape damage. The wind ripped at one of the buildings, and the rain came into the Sunday School rooms. The offices and church records were destroyed. And, there is still no electricity in the Church.

This church will recover, but some weren't as lucky. 27 churches were completely destroyed. But, there's one church sandwiched between bars and voodoo shops in the French Quarter. The pastor and his wife lost everything, and they now are housed in an upper room of the church. Only one parishioner showed up that first meeting, and there is no income. But, they say they will continue to feed and house those volunteers that have come to New Orleans to help.

“We have a little damage that needs to be repaired, but mostly we need prayer-walkers and kindness givers. If we miss this opportunity [in the French Quarter], there will be no change here. We’ll be fighting against reinforced spiritual darkness.”

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