Friday, October 07, 2005

Target Bans Salvation Army From Its Doors

At Christmas time, Salvation Army workers are seen at the doors of most stores with their little red buckets and bells. But, this year, they won't be seen at the Target stores across the country. The explanation given is that they are going to uphold their policy of prohibiting all non-profit soliciting at the stores. But, Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute has other ideas for the reason of the banning from the stores.

Until this year, Target has always made an exception for the Salvation Army, even though they do have a long-standing policy against the soliciting. What's changed?

"We happen to know," the CFI spokesman explains, "that the Target Corporation has been under enormous pressure from homosexual activists to dump The Salvation Army because [it] won't give domestic-partner benefits [to its employees]."

Knight says that homosexual activists have long been after the Salvation Army. Rick Garcia, director of the homosexual lobby group Equality Illinois, even admits that the activists have pressured Target to quit supporting the Salvation Army.
Pete LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute (IFI) says homosexual activists like Garcia "talk a good game" about showing tolerance toward religious groups and other opponents of homosexuality. Ultimately, however, he asserts that such "homosexual humbugs" purposely demonize people of faith and pro-family organizations as bigots, haters, homophobes, and hypocrites -- or, as in Garcia's letter criticizing IFI, "charlatans."

SB 3186 is a bill that would put 'sexual orientation' into the Illinois' human rights code. The bill will come up for a vote around January 10 or 11th, and the pro-life Illinois residents are being urged to call their senators and representative to express their opposition to this bill.

Homosexual activists, according to LaBarbera, are going to use the sexual orientation laws as a basis to seek same-sex marriage laws, but will also "seek to criminalize Christianity - at least, as it applies to homosexual behavior."

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Cowtown Pattie said...

Barbara, I tried to send an email but couldn't find an address?

Thanks for the nice comments at Texas Trifles and for stopping by. New readers are always a joy!

I'm glad you liked my story, and hope you stay around for a while. We might clash a little in a few tiny areas *grin*, but I pretty much always speak my mind, all 2 cents worth!

Philip said...

This saddens me as well as upsets me. To me that is an Un-American and just hateful thing for Target to do. Target has taken that stand in my city since last year when they asked them to leave last thanksgiving or Christmas.

Barbara said...

It is sad that Target lets others set the pace for what they allow and don't allow at their stores. Seems they may think they'll lose customers - or perhaps be boycotted, if they allow the Salvation Army to be there. Shows what kind of store officials they really have!

Cowtown Pattie said...

If you knew the politics and values of most big corporate companies, you would find yourself with very limited shopping venues, I suspect.

Barbara said...

I wouldn't let their policies, or lack of them, dictate with whom I traded. I do like Target, but I think they are being unfair to Salvation Army, an organization that is known to help anyone. Can't blame them for what they believe.