Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Natural Disasters

There's been lots said about the disasters that has hit the United States lately, the hurricanes, the heat wave, drought, snow where snow is usually not seen, floods, etc. Rev. Mark Creech writes about 'When Nations Neglect God's Business For Their Own', at Agape Press. He quoted something that the Radio Bible preacher, the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee said:

Could there be any better description of our day? Radio Bible teacher, the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee, once said something more than 20 years ago in his commentary on Haggai 1:9-11 that was incredibly insightful for our time, especially for America, and even more specifically applicable concerning recent Katrina events in New Orleans.

"In our day," Dr. McGee said, "the tendency is first to blame the police -- they should have been on the job. Then we blame the mayor, we blame the legislature, and we blame Washington. Very possibly all of them are guilty. But, my friend, has it occurred to you that you yourself are to blame? Although we blame men and machines for the conditions of the world, God has brought it all to pass. Do you want to blame Him? Go ahead. He told Israel that He was responsible. But He also told them why. They had neglected Him. You see, the solution to our problems is very simple; yet it is complicated. We think that if we put in a new method or a new machine or a new man, our problems will be solved. My friend, why don't we recognize what our problem really is, who caused it, and how it can be solved."

As Dr. McGee said years ago, we do play the blame game. Most of the time we are wrong in whom we blame. And, perhaps he is right, in that America (individuals) have neglected God too long, and perhaps He is trying to rein us in - to be the people He predestinated us to be.
Global warming? The sun heating up? A natural cycle? Have you ever considered the fact that recent natural disasters might have more to do with you -- your neglect -- my neglect -- America's neglect -- the nations' neglect of God's business for their own?

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