Thursday, October 27, 2005

Satire In Season

The Onion has done it again! Trick-or-Treaters To Be Subject To Random Bag Searches is a great read. And, it is just in time for the Halloween crowd.

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Kate said...

Scary thing about the Onion is you double take, but only because the world has become so damned weird that I would not even be surprised to find that article on a major network. The crazies have taken over.

Phillybits said...

Kate, you think that's bad, read here! LOL!

Barbara said...

I remember one they had on chocolate - we all thought it was actually true! But, that's before I knew it was all satire. Now, looking back, it was very funny!

But Phillybits is baaaaaaaadddddddd.I like the first lady and don't like seeing her put in that position. Did it really come from the Onion??

Phillybits said...

I'm bad? Lol. Yes, it came from The Onion.

Barbara said...

I didn't mean you, personally, was bad. But, the message on the magazine with Laura Bush was. :)

The Onion wasn't too nice with that.