Monday, October 17, 2005

Brosnan's Reaction to New 007 Star

The Irish actor, Pierce Brosnan, 51, says "Bond producers will regret dropping me". British actor, Craig, the first blond James Bond, was named the replacement for Brosnan last Friday in London.


Blair said...

I guess Pierce doesn't remember when he replaced Sean Connery as 007?

Blair said...

Was there another guy between Sean and Pierce? I don't remember lol! Hmm, Pierce probably won't be missed as much as he thinks he will be :o)

Barbara said...

There were several. George Lanzeby replaced Connery for one film, and he was killed off. They asked Connery to come back. He was replaced by Roger Moore. Then, Timothy Dalton, then Pierce, and I never liked any of them but Connery and Roger Moore.