Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sheehan In The News Again

If you can't get the media to follow you around try an 'open letter'! That's what Cindy Sheehan did. She was granted a meeting with Senator Hillary Clinton. Afterwards, she decided to blast her because she hasn't heard the words coming from Clinton that she would like.

Although Hillary said she doesn't like seeing the boys being killed in Iraq, she still doesn't believe it's time to pull out. This isn't satisfying Sheehan, so she's blasting her right and left. She made the statement that it sounded like Rush Limbaugh to her. She sure isn't making friends in this world!

Rush Limbaugh came back yesterday on his show saying, 'There is trouble in paradise'.

"You don't do this, folks. You don't publicly as a Democrat disavow a Clinton and live to do it again. Well, you just don't do it again and again without something happening. So she's one gutsy lady or stupid, one of the two. But something's going to happen to this woman. Something's going to silence her."

Stay tuned and keep your ears open; Cindy Sheehan is still kicking!

HT: Mr. Minority-Oooh,Leftist Woman Cat Fight

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