Monday, October 17, 2005

New Orleans 'Mourners' Bid Adieu to Katrina

On Sunday, there was a 'funeral procession' through French Quarters in New Orleans, bidding farewell to Katrina. They say it's time to bury her, and get back to the task of rebuilding the city. The procession was led by a jazz band, followed by people dressed in Mardi Gras-type costumes, followed by two floats, one carrying a coffin. The paraders tossed beads to onlookers, who stepped out of the bars and restaurants, as it wound through the historic district, which is slowly coming back to life. One mourner said, "She needs to be put to rest forever," speaking of Katrina.

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Carol said...

Those people will do anything for a parade! ;-)

My brother called yesterday. He took my mother driving around N.O. - the first time they've done so since returning home. He called to tell me about restaurants we've eaten at that were totally wiped out except for the parking lots. He told me about my cousin's restaurant that had been under six feet of water, was still standing, but needed to be bulldozed. They drove out to the 17th street levee - no need to go into details - he says it's unreal. An aunt's family (uncle's wife) lost 24 homes. My own large, crazy, Cajun family cannot get insurance adjusters out to give them settlements, cannot get contractors out to give them estimates much less begin repair work.

They have much to be in mourning over. I think I'll go hang some beads in my trees.

Barbara said...

I think they're trying to shake off the worst of the after effects, wouldn't you think?

Just heard on the news that French Quarters is coming back to life. Cafe Dumonde is opening either today or tomorrow.

It is so sad that they lost so much in NO. I was down there in the Spring of 2004, and it's hard to imagine all the places we went are no more.

Carol said...

Did I miss my cue?

Spring 2004 was when my sister got married on the Cajun Queen that docks on the Mississippi in the Quarter. The wedding/reception took up the whole boat. Great wedding, even if the Maid of Honor says so herself. (Sister has new twins now.) Were we there at the same time?

Hope you enjoyed your visit, Barbara. It could be a fun city if you looked past the decadence and sundry weirdness. It may be a while before I go back for bignets, however.

Barbara said...

I think it was the last of April or first of May when we were there. And, we took a ride down the river on one of the boats as well. I think it was the Steamboat Natchez. Really enjoyed that.

Speaking of bignets - we eat too many of those, when we're down there! They are so delicious, if messy. You should have seen my black slacks once - pure white sugar. :)