Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Let's Hear The Good News

Well, it’s time for Cindy Sheehan to land in Washington, DC, have her little ‘get-together’ in front of the White House, and tie herself to the fence! Can’t wait to see the action – handcuffs and all! One crazy lady!

And, other news in the headlines – there’s never any ‘good news’ coming out of Iraq that we hear about. Nothing positive is supposed to hit the air waves. But, J. Lee Grady of Charisma Magazine, writes about the good news coming from Iraq. What we’ve been hearing regularly, and even today, as they mentioned the mile marker of 2000 American troops dead there, is “More US Troops Killed In Iraq”. Well, Grady has some news that you never hear:

  • Tons of weapons destroyed. 406,000 tons of weapons and ammunition have been destroyed. Coalition forces along with the Iraqi’s have worked to build 120 police stations. Peace is replacing violence.
  • Iraqi economy booming. One of the 3 new communications companies, since the topple of Saddam’s regime, is planning on being the largest cell provider in the Middle East by the end of the year. I saw that a new business selling cell phones has opened up and is booming – this was on the evening news tonight.
  • Books no longer banned in Iraq. 80 newspapers in Baghdad are being printed today. Books and newspapers no longer have to be censored or sold on the black market. They even read the negative American news.
  • Soldiers spread compassion. Iraqi soldiers from the Tadji Military Base sent 1 million dinars to help with Hurricane Katrina relief.

Also, Iraqi and American soldiers recently delivered pencils, crayons, learning games and other school supplies to the children of Mahmudiyah, Iraq, and book bags to school kids in the village of Radwiniyah.

Polish soldiers stationed near Sumeria installed air conditioners and pumps in a local school while Bulgarian soldiers renovated classrooms near Afak. Yet all we hear in the American media is that our men and women in uniform do nothing but abuse prisoners, kill civilians and burn copies of the Quran.

  • World Leaders lend support to Iraq. Even those countries opposed to the Allied military action in Iraq are now providing training and equipment.
  • 15 evangelical congregations have started since the over throw of Saddam. Only 2 existed before.
  • Pastors in the Kurdish North say they can evangelize more freely and the government even gave them land to build one church on.
  • An of the Iraqi Christians that fled the country during the 2004 bombings are coming back. One pastor summed it all up: “We believe that God is moving in these times and that the future will be more peaceful, especially if Christians will befriend good Muslims and work together.”

So, let Cindy go on with her charade. She’s only hurting the cause she professes to help. And, she’s making herself the talk of the world!

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1 Comment:

Godsdragon said...

Hi Barbara. It seems that very few people are really aware of what reeeeaally is going on. Communists are rejoicing over the "apparent failuuures of democracy, they seem to now have leeched of off Osama Bin Laden and rejoice at the caos that his destroying the two towers have had on our country. The mediaz seems to buy into the leftist, and only try to damage the reputyation of the few that are taking the bull by the horn and actually are doing something long term. The wimp democrats kiss the communist's asses so that they have the numbers...Oh, but what is it good that we gain the whole world but loose our souls in the process!
The positive news is that there were 2000 brave, courageous, determined, fearless, audacious, dedicated and loyal Americans giving their lives so that not only this country remains free, but so that other countries and other peoples enjoy freedom in their lifetime. Nobody forced them to enroll, there was no draft that I know of this time.
The good news is that our beloved, fearless president has a big pair of big...you know what, and has withstood ridicule, negativity, bad press and the spitting on his face of his own people.
The good news is that there are still people that KNOW and that do not get swaided by thef media, they have their own minds and can think for themselves.
The good news is that there are still educated people that do not just listen to news, but use their critical thinking skills to discern...
The good news is that the majority of Irakis can look to the dawning horizon in their country for a change, that women and children will have a chance of a wholesome education and that other countries and peoples will look at that as a model.
The good news is that we have not had a major catastrophy since 9/11 in our homeland.....
There is still a lot of good news to enjoy. It just depends if we are looking at the glass half empty or if we are looking at it half full...
God bless you! Thank you.