Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Golden Rule

I am on a mailing list for devotionals sent out by Dr. Jim DeBruhl. He has many devotionals, but this one was from one called Freshbread. When I think of the 'Golden Rule', I always think of 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you', which was our senior class motto, when I graduated. The Golden Rule is actually, "Love thy neighbor as thyself". And, this is what Dr. Jim demonstrated in this morning's devotional.

How do you 'love thy neighbor as thyself?' Just how do you want others to treat you? Do you want others talking about you? Do you like people that are difficult or that offend people easily? Do you like encouragement from others? How do you want your life to be viewed?

In other words, however you want others to be towards you, return the favor. I love encouragement, and I try to give others encouragement. There are times that would be difficult, but I sort of say, "okay, God, help me do this, because this person needs it." I try not to offend others, because I hate to be offended. I want people to view me as easy to get along, a very agreeable person, one who has compassion for others and truly cares about their feelings. So, if I want others to see me this way, I must be in a position to treat them the same way.