Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mississippi Town Feels Forgotten In Recovery

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for bringing this small town of Pearlington, Mississippi to our attention. Seems they aren't getting the help provided to others that might be in even better condition, after Katrina.

This is a small town of 1,700 people and nearly 600 are still living in tents. Some are scared to even leave what is left of their belongings to get supplies, fearing what was left will be taken.

Jeff McVay and five other members of a state emergency response team from Walton County, Florida, arrived at the request of Hancock County. Jeff has been through other hurricanes. He saw that the Red Cross had not showed up, so he called upon City Team of San Jose of California to set up the shelter and it was going in a few hours. Since, the person who refused to bring Red Cross in has been relieved, and Red Cross is now there. But, this is still a small, hurting town, where residents don't have home to which to go.

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