Monday, October 10, 2005

UN Wants Control of The Internet - Nothing New

The news sees to be that the UN is intent on taking over the Internet, as if they could run it any better than what they do with anything else they do. But, this is not something new. I just ran across an article written in December of 2003 by Tom DeWeese.

Their excuses for United Nations control of the Internet are typically designed to appeal to a wide variety of users. Government control, they argue, would prevent unwanted advertising called "spam;" stop the spread of computer viruses; protect privacy and beef up security of computer data banks; stop hate speech found in various web sites and (to appeal to Christians) to stop child pornography. It all sounds so perfect, so benevolent, so well organized.

Considering all of the ideas, proposals and schemes now seeping out of the United Nations that should frighten any freedom lover, none is more terrifying than UN control over the Internet.

Please tell me how they could do any better than the organization that runs it now? I can see trouble on the horizon, if this ever happens!
Imagine a United Nations committee assigned to oversee the Internet that is made up of representatives of China, Syria, and Libya.

DeWeese feels the real reason the UN wants to take possession of the Internet is to get access to our personal records. They want to control the last free voice of the world. The Internet is our free voice in the United States. And, it's also the free voice of the world, although any countries try to dictate what can be said across the Internet from their country.
With such power, the UN will control the flow of information, commerce, money and travel. Imagine all of that power in the hands of the Red Chinese and the Islamic terrorists and you can clearly imagine the dark ages that will surely descend over the world in a suffocating blanket of totalitarianism. Americans must now rise up in anger and horror to demand that the Bush Administration never give in to this insanity.

I just recently heard about the UN wanting control of the Internet. Perhaps I had heard it, but it hadn't made an impact on me until now. I can see freedoms slipping away - or perhaps completely taken away, should they ever gain control. So many would love to see the US out of the Internet business. We are a 'freedom-loving' nation, and we are hated for that.

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Godsdragon said...

Oh boy, that is scary, as well as Internet taxes, and other controlling issues...
I have, believe it or not, missed your visits to my blog(s) :( <---pout

Hope all is well with you and your family. Please say Kerri I say hi as well. I haven't heard much from him latelly either at 43T, I know he is a busy family man, so I don't blame him... Me? I am semi retired on my way posibly to disability...I am stretching it as much as I can, but this self employment stuff has been a money drain more than a money gain. I need to continue to pray about this. Would you include it in your prayers if you think of it?
Thanks and God bless you!

Barbara said...

It is scarey! Hopefully, President Bush will keep this from passing into the hands of the UN! I believe our rights would be taken away - after all, nobody likes the US anymore - most everybody. They think we have too much power. But, we believe in freedom, and I don't think any of those charges will hold water! We want to better it, not make others suffer or take away their rights to using the Internet.

I've been over to visit; just haven't commented lately. :)