Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Onward Christian Soldiers

I am almost certain that President Bush knew he would open the floodgates, when he nominated Miers for the Supreme Court. After all, he ‘knew her’; she wasn’t on the list of wannabe’s or those approved by the ‘saints’ of the Senate.

The ‘tide’ has come in and it’s reaching great proportions! Even some conservatives are voicing their objection to her nomination. The bloggers are for or against; just depends on what blog you read. The Captain's Quarters has some very positive, as well as some negative comments.

The one post that really got my attention, though, was from “Oh How I Love Jesus”, entitled “The Miers Effect”. His main three words were “This is War”. And, I believe he is right. President Bush pulled out a nominee that wasn’t a judge, doesn’t have a paper trail to follow like a judge would have, and she’s a single woman – a ‘born-again’ Christian single woman, at that! Too much for most to stomach! How dare this President to have the audacity to make a choice of HIS own – not listening to others to make the choice for him. I love the freethinking of this President! As he’s demonstrated before, he makes his choices – he will listen and be nice, but, when it comes to decisions, he is the one in control. That’s the sign of a leader who isn’t afraid to lead; he isn’t afraid to express himself in ways that others might not like. It doesn’t make him kowtow to those that think things should be different.

“Her deeply held beliefs” are going to come into play; I kid you not! They have already shown up in the New York Times.

Matthew Cooper writes in the Time Online Edition “The President was thinking of diversity, real-world experience and a close working relationship”. This he has in Miers, but there will also be a war on the horizon! Stay tuned to see who wins.

Update: Dr. Sanity has had "
Enough Already"!