Monday, October 03, 2005

Judge Roy Moore To Run For Alabama Governor

Judge Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of Alabama, announced that he will run for Governor of Alabama in 2006.

Roy Moore is known for his stand on the Ten Commandments. Judge Moore felt he had a constitutional right to acknowledge God with the Ten Commandments, keeping them in his court room in Gadsden, when he was a judge, and later placing the large monument in the court building in Montgomery, Alabama's capital.

Moore, a fundamentalist Christian from northern Alabama who supports school prayer and opposes gay marriage, pledged to fight against higher taxes, tighten restrictions on illegal immigrants and improve education if elected.

"It is a crucial time to run for office when rights and liberties are being eroded, taxes climb, the education of our children declines and morality erodes while judges tell children they cannot pray," Moore said at a rally in Gadsden, 63 miles northeast of Birmingham.

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Philip said...

I have allot of respect for Judge Roy Moore. To stand up for what he promised no matter what and to hold to his oath of office says allot about a man. How many other polititions do you know that keep their promisis? I don't know any.

I was blessed to be able to meet Roy Moore a little over a year ago and was impressed by his humbleness, personality, and his faith.

My firstborn son's middle name is after Judge Roy Moore as my wife and I decided to name our son's middle names after great American heros with faith.

When will american see that courts are taking over and return the balance of power and let congress make law instead of courts. Courts and not to make law but to judge according to the law and Constitution - not international law.

Barbara said...

I also respect Judge Moore for how he handled the whole matter. He gave up lots to stand for what he believes! Not many people would go the whole mile.

Nice that you got to meet him. Seems like a very likeable man to me.