Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New Orleans Slowly Coming to Life

New Orleans was devastated during Hurricane Katrina. But, she is slowing seeing rebuilding and people returning. Many popular restaurants have re-opened, including Bacco and Cuvee.

The French Quarter, Central Business District, and the Arts District hold most of the very popular eateries in New Orleans. Although they are re-opening one by one, the biggest problem they face is being short-staffed. The problem stems from many familes aren't moving back because of having young children to put in school. And, the Orleans parish, which wasn't hit too badly hasn't re-opened, as of yet. That means the restaurants have about half their staff back, and so they are having a smaller menu from which to choose than they would have with a regular staff.

But, although the staffs are about half as big and the menu smaller, that hasn't stopped people from coming to eat. This includes lawyers, FEMA workers, insurance directors, and the press. Another big dignitary who has made his way to New Orleans, and ate at Bacco's on Bourbon Street, is President Bush.

Baccos and The Red Fish Grill, owned by local restaurateur Ralph Brennan, were some of the first restaurants to pass health inspections. But, other Brennan family restaurants still haven't opened.

Still, chef René Bajeux of heavily storm-damaged René Bistrot predicts that the city will be ready for tourists sooner than initially thought.

"I think by Thanksgiving you'll see a different city," he says, noting that contractors already have gutted his restaurant and are on track to have it rebuilt for a reopening Nov. 15. "It's changing very quickly."

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