Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Heed The Warning Signs!

Too often, those of us, who do not like to visit the doctor’s office or go to the hospitals, put off problems too long. My husband is one of those people.

My husband has had gall bladder problems for years, but never got tested at the doctor’s office. The pain came, lasted a few hours, and was gone, so he thought all was well. It wasn’t until the attack a few months ago that he began to check out the gall bladder on the Internet. He found, left unattended, it could possibly cause major damage or even death. Eleven days ago, he had the attack that would not stop, which landed him in the ER, and subsequently, in the hospital for ten days. He was a very sick man! Although the surgeons were able to perform laproscopy, it still took three hours and twenty minutes!

I believe my husband’s advice to others would be ‘see the doctor as soon as you have the first attack.’ Had he gone to the doctor several years ago, he would have saved himself lots of infection and other problems, and a long surgery! . Never put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today


Blair said...

Oh my goodness Barb! I am so sorry. I pray he's doing much better?


Barbara said...

Thanks for the prayers. I think he's going to do fine. He said the soreness is almost gone. Thinks he can get out and run the riding lawnmower tomorrow. I think not. :) But, he's doing great - eats good, too, although his taste for all foods isn't back yet.