Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Fashion Followers

I am not one to be 'turned on' to every fashion that comes our way. I love to buy what looks good on me, feels good, and costs what I can afford. I have yet to see something in 'fashion' that I would want to do without essentials (housing, transportation, food) to buy!

The trend now seems to have turned to bags for women. Don't get me wrong; I love pretty bags. But, I think there is a limit to what I might pay for one! They do wear out, and I like a new one once in awhile. $100 would be my limit, although I'd still look for that bag on sale. I'm a sensible woman; a bag doesn't rule my life.

Some bags have become so popular that their price has risen from last year. Many of them will go for excessive prices. Women last year spent from $40 to $60 on a bag. This year, those bags are going for higher prices.

One reason for the rise of these bags is that the rest of fashion has moved toward a more dressed-down look, so that even jeans may be appropriate for a dinner party. A four-figure bag imparts the corrective message: I am not a graduate student. "You can go out with blue jeans and cowboy boots, and that high-priced bag makes it all O.K.," said Cece Cord, a social figure in New York who sells her crocodile handbags at Bergdorf Goodman. "A bag is sort of like a portable house. It represents you."

My thoughts are not like the above paragraph. I had rather see a woman dressed nicely and carry a cheaper bag than to dress down with a very expensive bag! In my book, it does not 'make it O.K.' Perhaps this is the way of some women dressing like they want to dress to go to any function, even a dinner party, and feel as though the cost of her bag makes everything fine. Sounds ridiculous to me! But, who am I? Just a woman who had rather 'live in her house' than 'wear it on my shoulder'.


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Blair said...

I agree with you Barb! The most expensive bag I've ever purchased was one I had on layaway for months as a teen (paid $250). I still have and use that bag today. My other bags....were free lol. Donated to me by my mom or grandmother over the years. I'd consider none of them flashy (even the expensive one) and probably wouldn't catch anyone's attention (I like it that way).

Yes, I'd rather live in my house than carry it on my person :o)