Thursday, October 06, 2005

Christian Carnival

Having been out of pocket for the last two Carnivals and not being able to submit a post, I still love to go read what is there. Today, I went over to Attention Span, the host for this week, and found "Gilligan's Island" as the theme. That was one of my favorite shows back in 'those days.' He says it was 'his stupid show' in the afternoon - so it must have been mine as well.

If you haven't already read the entries in this week's Christian Carnival, go now. I just read one at Truegrit called 'Warfare'. Very good. Also, do not miss Bruce's entry from the Sprucegoose -"How Goes The War?" Do we really know enough about what's going on in Iraq and other places where America is involved? Perhaps we do need to get down to Christian Warfare - praying for America more than ever before!