Friday, October 28, 2005

God Is Still In The Midst Of Things

The devastation was felt in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama after Hurricane Katrina left. There is still much that will be there possibly for years. Many families are still without homes, or even the smallest of needs. Many have been helped, have found refuge in other cities, and put their children back in school. But, some aren't so lucky.

One of the couples that wasn't so lucky to evacuate before the storm was an older couple that had retired from Texas to Gulfport, Mississippi, due to the seizures the husband was having. They were going to evacuate, but he had a bad attack and they were unable to leave. He woke up to his 2 story home flooded. They came to the Command Post for Disaster Distribution at the Gulfport Church of God, and they were thought to be 'street people', they were in such a shape. The husband's blood pressure was through the roof, due to the seizures. But, after they got a hot bath and cleaned up, it returned to normal.

But, what is amazing about this story is this: their home was completely demolished, and so were their cars. They had nothing but a tent, 2 dirty pillows, and the clothes on their back. But, a man named Woody Harrell, a businessman from Macon, Georgia, approached Pastor Fulmer, saying "You have a homeless family here and I have come to take them to Macon." He knew nothing about the couple! But, Pastor Fulmer knew immediately that God had sent this man to help provide a new home for this couple.

No matter what the problem, if we look hard enough, we will see the hand of God in every situation. You won't see Him 'in person', but in the persons of those out there listening to His voice, and hear Him say, "Go feed my sheep".

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