Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Turn To Faith To Fill A Void

Many people realize that something is missing in their lives, but some seldom ever realize what the void is. But, Harriet Miers knew something was missing. She had enjoyed a great career, being partners in a large law firm - only in her mid-thirties. But, sometimes, having a nice career doesn't always satisfy you completely.

Ms. Miers was born a Roman Catholic, but she wanted faith to be more of a part of of her life. She became an evangelical Christian and was baptized at the Valley View Christian Church. She moved away from the Democrats and became a Republican.

She joined the missions committee of her church, which is against legalized abortion, and friends and colleagues say she rarely looked back at her past as a Democrat.

In an interview Tuesday on the televangelist Pat Robertson's "700 Club," Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the Christian conservative American Center for Law and Justice, said Ms. Miers would be the first evangelical Protestant on the court since the 1930's. "So this is a big opportunity for those of us who have a conviction, that share an evangelical faith in Christianity, to see someone with our positions put on the court," Mr. Sekulow said.

Not all conservatives are pleased with her nomination. I did hear our Republican Senator Jeff Sessions say that he had an interview with her yesterday. He said he feels she will make a great judge. But, he's looking forward to reading some of the papers that will be released about her, since he doesn't know her all that well.

Lorlee Bartos, a Democratic campaign consultant from Dallas, said that Ms. Miers had discussed her change of views, due to her new found faith, during the 1989 campaign.
"You might think she's a pushover because she looks meek and humble," said Al Lipscomb, a former city council member. "But can America handle a Republican conservative who's fair? She is a tigress when it comes to the law."

Ms. Miers has had a close relationship with Justice Hecht, and they are members of the same church. It is said that Justice Hecht is one of the most conservative members of the Texas Supreme Court. Hopefully, Ms. Miers will be just as conservative on the bench.

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