Wednesday, November 23, 2005

32 More Days Until "Happy Holidays"

Sound ridiculous? It should! All those businesses who expect us to buy their products, while denying their employees the right to say Merry Christmas, should be ashamed! And, many of those businesses will be boycotted this Christmas season.

I was excited to be in one of those stores advocating "Happy Holidays" the other day, only to have one of the employees say to me, as I left, "Happy Thanksgiving" and quickly added, "and, Merry Christmas". I just smiled and said, "Thank you. You have a Merry Christmas, too." I don't know that anyone else heard her, but it sort of made my day!

I think this has become a 'politically correct' issue. It's no longer PC to acknowledge Christ in public - the removal of the manger scene and other things depicting a Christian Christmas season has become the norm these days. The secular world is taking over, and we Christians are letting them.

The businesses do not 'own' my voice. Therefore, when Happy Holidays is voiced to me, I'll answer with, "Merry Christmas", and go on my merry way. I'm sure to get a few of those said back to me, if their employer isn't in ear shot! I think most of the employees hate to have to resort to this sort of thing, during the busiest holiday of the year. Why not let the employees have a voice in what they say or do not say? What's the harm? Are they afraid someone is going to get offended?

By the way, they can remove 'Merry Christmas' from their speech, and have a 'Happy Holidays' theme. But, they can't take away the true meaning of Christmas for a Christian, nor can they remove the love of God from our hearts!

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Blair said...

You know, "Happy Holidays" never bothered me before because when I said it I felt it was including Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. Now that I see it's meaning "Happy Whatever Day you feel inclined to celebrate", it really irritates me. Funny how retailers haven't got a problem taking my Christmas money I've budgeted to buy Christmas presents. The love the bottom line of the reason for the season but God forbid they acknowledge who is ultimately lining their registers this Christmas.

Barbara said...


When I think of "Happy Holidays" in the past, I would mean Christmas and New Years, which seem to go together. But, I agree with you - the retailers (most of them) just aren't getting it! I'm buying less this year - giving more money and they can do the buying after the 'holidays'. I do appreciate Lowe's and their listening to customers, and now their 'holiday trees' are once again CHRISTMAS trees!