Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Opportunity For Evangelism By Swedish Pastor

Swedish Pastor Ake Green will answer to a 'hate crimes' charge on Wednesday which stems back to 2003. He was charged for preaching a sermon on homosexuality. Thomas Jacobson, representative to the United Nations by Focus on the Family, said the trial was seen on national television which gave him the chance to have his whole sermon plus his defense of that sermon aired.

This was unprecedented in the history of the Swedish government to have a whole trial televised. In his 45 minute speech, Pastor Green had the opportunity to declare truth and the gospel of Jesus Christ - the compassion and forgiveness that is available to everyone.

Pastor Green was convicted of a hate crime and sentenced by a district court to one month in prison on June 20, 2004 for preaching a sermon in which he said, “What these people need, who live under the slavery of sexual immorality, is an abundant grace. It exists. Therefore we will encourage those who live in this matter to look at the grace of Jesus Christ. We cannot condemn these people. Jesus never belittled anyone. He offered them grace.” (read the full sermon here:
If convicted again, Pastor Green could face up to 2 years in prison. He says that he wants to go to prison, not do community service, if convicted. He says this lifestyle is abnormal, and he should be able to say that.

HT: The Black Kettle