Tuesday, November 01, 2005


After I started blogging, I began to see 'trackback' on the bottom of other posts, and had no idea what it was. I began to check into it, the why's and how's, and decided I had to have them.So, I installed Haloscan on my blog. I don't get too many trackbacks, but I do trackback to others, when I reference them in my posts.

This morning, Jollyblogger has a great article on Trackback Courtesy. Not everyone knows how to trackback, or even why you would use a trackback in your post. He clears this up very good!

Since I began to trackback, I noticed that some sites, not all, have Open Trackback days or weekends. These sites give you recognition of a post you want others to see in exchange for a link to that particular post of that day. But, I'm sure even those are also abused. Do visit Jollyblogger and read upon the subject of trackbacks.

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