Saturday, November 19, 2005

From Madelyn Murray O’Hair To the King of Kings

Dan Wooding, founder of Assist Ministries, has a great article on the radical turn-around for broadcaster, Charlie Butts. Butts had booked O'Hair for years on talk shows so she could spread her hatred of God over the air waves. Today, Butts is the Religion Editor for USA Radio Network in Dallas, Texas.

Asked what he would do today, if O'Hair was alive, he said he would tell her he believed in God now, and 'could we have a talk?'.

Butt is also a born-again Christian. He knelt and gave his life to God 13 years ago. Right after he began going to church, he lost his job. A new owner of the radio station was firing 38 people, and he was the 38th person. But, shortly after that, he was called by USA Radio Network and was hired on the spot.

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Phil said...

Great story. Grace is a wonderful thing!