Monday, November 28, 2005

Supreme Court Falling Apart

But, it has nothing to do with the Justices on the bench. It has everything to do with the structure that houses them, though. Seems that a large chunk of marble fell from the facade and shattered into about 40 pieces. It was part of the molding that serves as a frame for the sculptured figures.

A spokesperson said that the building had been inspected just 2 years ago. There is a $122 million renovation going on at the old Supreme Court building. But, it's unsure if this had anything to do with the falling marble.

Visitors had just gone under the structure, when the pieces fell. They were going in to try and get seated for an argument going on in the Supreme Court today. Nobody was hurt by the falling marble.

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Susan L. Prince said...

Not a good sign when the Supreme Court starts to crumble.

Susan L. Prince said...

Oops, I got confused signing in as "another user"! LOL

Barbara said...

No harm done. But, I got a good laugh out of your comment! I told my husband about the article and the title I put on my post.He just laughed!