Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Abortion Aftermath

We hear about abortion issues all the time. But, we never hear the other side - what happens when abortion doesn't work, and babies are born alive. The idea that a baby is born breathing, heart beating, and then something is done to kill them is horrible!

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, which regulates methods of abortion, has also mounted its own investigation.

Its guidelines say that babies aborted after more than 21 weeks and six days of gestation should have their hearts stopped by an injection of potassium chloride before being delivered. In practice, few doctors are willing or able to perform the delicate procedure.

How can a Mother face abortion, knowing that her child may be born alive, and then be killed by the Doctor? For that matter, how can anyone who has carried a child in their womb stand to abort it? Is there no feeling attached to the Mother? Has she lost her God-given ability to feel the emotions that set in on her, at the first move? In fact, I was moved to 'love' the child the moment that I found I was pregnant! There is nothing on earth that would have convinced me to abort that baby!

I don't think that we have the right to abort a baby. God has given us the ability to conceive (we are to replenish the earth), yet so many decide (1) they aren't ready for pregnancy, (2) they made a mistake outside of marriage or adultery, (3)the baby has downs syndrome or some other disease, or (4) is malformed. But, whatever the case, God gives us the ability to handle these things, IF we are faced with them. I've seen so many downs syndrome children that are perfectly adorable, live good lives, and bring pleasure to their parents. And, if we don't want to be pregnant, then do something about it BEFORE getting pregnant, not after.

Abortion-on-demand is allowed up to 24 weeks in Britain. A baby can be born breathing and crying at 19 weeks.

“If a baby is born alive following a failed abortion and then dies (because of lack of care), you could potentially be charged with murder,” said Shantala Vadeyar, a consultant obstetrician at South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust, who led the study.

An investigation of data has shown that probably 50 or more babies are born alive, after an attempt at abortion. And, there may be many more we don't know about. Many go on to lead productive lives. But, what do they feel about the parent who tried to abort them? God had a purpose in life for these unwanted babies, and He saw to it they lived to carry out that purpose.

HT: Right Equals Might: Monsters, Inc.

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