Sunday, November 13, 2005

Persecution Of The Church

This morning, in Church, I was thinking of the freedom we have here in Amercia to worship and serve God. I believe there will come a time when it won't be as easy to be known as a Christian as it is today. In many places of the world today, they have to go 'underground' in order to serve God or even read the Bible. Some places hold worship in their homes, but, if they are found out, they are in deep trouble, faced with jail time, or possibly death. For the Bible says, in the end times, people will go to their death, claiming God as their King, the Almighty One, the One True God. They will be martyrs for the faith. It's already happening in the world today.

Jesus knew that the Church would be persecuted even before his death. He knew we would be hated because of His Name. The world hates us because of our Liberty in Christ Jesus. They don't know God; therefore, they don't understand our believing in a one TRUE God, one to whom we will cling, even in death.

Richard and Charlene Fairchild have some great links on their website: Connections: Persecution & The Church. Among them is the link to IDOP, International Day of Prayer. This week, November 13-20 is International Prayer Week for the persecuted church. If the Church (God's people) ever needed prayer, we need it now.

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