Monday, November 14, 2005

Schools To Proclaim In God We Trust

The Brunswick News, from Brunswick, Ga, is carrying the story that Glynn County's School Superintendent, Michael Bull, is about to have "In God We Trust" posted in all schools in the Golden Isles. The previous school board approved signs with "In God We Trust" to be put up at every school, and the school board has essentially given Bull the ability to carry through with this. They said he'd get no opposition from the board.

Civil Liberties organizations will no doubt get involved in this case. I am sure they think this is in violation of the clause 'separation of church and state'. That same argument got prayer taken out of our schools in 1962.

Webster said many activists have a distorted view of the intentions of the Founding Fathers."I don't believe that in the Constitution (separating church and state) was ever meant in the first place," Webster said. "Studying history, you find the Bible was even used in the schoolhouse as part of the learning curriculum ... When I was in school, we prayed and all that. All at once, (the courts) decided that this was wrong."
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