Sunday, November 27, 2005

Will Your Church Be Closed For Christmas?

I can't remember when Christmas was last on Sunday. Frankly, I can't remember church ever being called off because Christmas Day fell on Sunday. But, this year, December 25th does fall on Sunday, and most churches will be closed. I have no idea what we will be doing on that day. I do know that we will have a Candelight Communion service on the Friday night before Christmas.

Christmas Day does seem to be a 'family day', although Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on that particular day. Why not open up and have at least a late morning service for those who want to attend? The Church could be fuller than it was the Sunday before! There may be those just wanting to 'find Jesus', and looking for a church to attend.

Well friends, it seems the church is spiritually dozing off once again; because if you haven't yet noticed, food, family, fun and fellowship have now become the new measure of all things Christian; and beginning this Christmas, officially more important than gathering on Sunday to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.

It seems 'fellowship' has become more prevalent in our churches these days than has the Word of God. Frankly, I'd rather skip singing, after Sunday School, and go right to the meat - the sermon, which is always enriching at our church! Hopefully, there will be at least one meeting on Christmas Day in which to observe the birth of our Savior, Christ Jesus!

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Susan L. Prince said...

What will all the "two-timers" (Christmas and Easter attenders) do if the church is closed?

Barbara said...

That's a good point, Susan! I suppose, this year, they will have attended only once. Sad!

Katie said...


Thanks for your comments on my Happy Holiday blog. My sentiments exactly.

Our church is having a late service on Christmas morning. I'm so excited about it! I agree that there is too much fun food and fellowship. But, I do love the singing, or as I see it, worship. It really helps me to connect with God and get focused on the message that follows. In our services, the music lines up with the message so it prepares us for what is to come.

I would have been very disappointed if our church was closed on Christmas day.

Barbara said...

I guess we will find out soon if we are having church that morning. I kind of doubt it, since we are having the Friday night service.

As for the singing, I like singing- used to sing and play at church. But, we've gone to only worship songs, and I MISS the hymns. I think there should be a mixture. People like variety.

Rae Whitlock said...

I read just today in a friend's blog that the church that he pastors will be closed on Christmas in order to be more "family friendly". This pretty much translates to being able to sleep late.

What better place to be on Christmas than in the house of the Lord, celebrating his birth? I don't get it.

Barbara said...

Family time is always the reason given. I know this woman who takes Weds night and Sunday night for 'family time'. Hey, take your family to church! And, if they don't want to go, go anyway! When my children were home, they went all the time.

I remember my Mother getting ready on Sunday afternoon to go to church, when she had guests who stayed too long. She's tell them they could either go with her, or stay around until she got back. You always have those people who come at the most inopportune time - and it's usually family who know better.

Carol said...

I've never heard of no church on Sunday because of Christmas. I don't think my church is doing that, but I'm sure going to ask.

What if the twice-per-year folks show up and nobody's there? Will they think we've all been raptured?

Barbara said...

I don't think Christmas falls on Sunday too often, and I can't remember the last time it did.

But, Carol, you might be right about the twice-a-year people! Do you think it might scare them a little?