Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stranger Than Fiction

Wayne Goldsberry, from Bentonville, Arkansas, went to investigate what sounded like a broken window at his daughter's house. He probably figured what he saw in the bedroom was straight out of the books! After all, who would ever imagine a deer being in their home? But, this five-point whitetail deer probably saw his image in the bedroom window and jumped, thinking he was fighting a rival. But, he didn't realize who was on the other side!

Goldsberry is a big 6' 1" 200 pound man, and was able to subdue the deer, after he ran down the hall, into his daughter's master bedroom. After being kicked a few times, Goldsberry managed to grip the animal, and twist his neck, killing him. Goldberry had the deer butchered, and he now has fresh vension in his freezer for the winter.

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Carol said...

Had the intruder been human, the family would have sued.

I love crazy stories like that. Proof that truth is stranger than fiction.

Barbara said...

And, this time he got the 'pay' - the deer meat.

I read about another one yesterday at one of the state capitols. The governor and his entourage almost got hit by a big buck, when it when flying through the capitol windows and then just trotted off! They say, when it's mating season,and they see themselves in glass, they will do that. Deer are getting too plentiful around here! Would hate for it to happen in my house!