Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Young Rape Victim Reclaims Her Life

Today, the Birmingham News had the story of a beautiful young lady whose life had been drastically changed 4 years ago because of a sex offender. Jessica Hudson had everything to look forward to - she was about to be a senior in High School. And, we all can identify with what that feels like. She worked, but this particular night she wasn't supposed to be there. But, she found herself at work that fateful night, and her whole life changed in a matter of minutes.

Jessica will forever relive what Alandous Hall did to her that night. Her father wishes she wouldn't keep repeating it, because it kills him to hear what happened to his 'little girl'. But, she is healing a little at a time, through the process of telling her story over and over to students, both in High School and college. She started one year after her attack.

Jessica is working to help others through the trauma that she has gone through. So many young girls are raped and never tell about it. One young lady approached Jessica, when she first spoke at a local high school that first time. She told Jessica that she, too, had been raped and Jessica was the first to hear of that. Jessica is now working toward establishing the Alabama Rape Awareness Foundation. She doesn't want rape just to be remembered in April, but every day of the year. Rape happens every day to someone, and there needs to be help in place for that person. She is trying to raise $5,000 to hire a lawyer to help her file the necessary papers with IRS.

This is therapy for Jessica, and it helps her to keep from feeling sorry for herself. She wants them to understand that they did nothing wrong, and they are not alone. And, they need counseling. And never think it couldn't happen to you. Be aware!

Although Hall is serving life in prison for that sexual crime, men still make Jessica feel nervous. She often sees Hall's face within theirs, when she stares into their faces. She still fights fear and flashbacks from that night. But, this gift of sharing is helping her through it all.

"Rape will eat you up inside. I thought it was going to kill me. I'll heal a little bit every day until I die."

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