Thursday, November 10, 2005

Get A Clue!

Was the Newark High School completely clueless, when they authorized an assembly meeting with Athletes United in Christ? I don't think so, but, apparently some parents object to these athletes bringing the message of encouragement to the students to take responsibility and make the right choices in life.

The two parents complained because the group handed out fliers that had the name Christ and a cross on it. What would one expect to be on a flier from this group? On top of that, the principal took the side of the parents, although he was responsible for bringing this group in, and said that the group 'crossed the line'. Where? Did they have an altar call? Did they try to recruit the children for Christ? Or, were they merely trying to encourage the students to stay clean from drugs and other things that many teenagers engage in today?

The principal apologized to the parents for the group 'crossing the line'; yet, he said he stood by the message presented by Philadelphia Eagles football player Tra Thomas. This escapes me: why apologize, if you uphold the message? How did they 'cross the line', if the principal didn't object to what was said and done, during the assembly?

I think the real rub is the fact that the Delaware ACLU is so afraid that religion will be worked into the school. To me, that wouldn't be a bad idea, considering the way teenagers are going these days!

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