Sunday, November 20, 2005

If At First You Don't Succeed---

Try the mountains. This is what illegal immigrants are doing east of San Diego,California. The Otay Mountains are now one of the busiest areas along the border of California and Mexico.

The Border Patrol is now using helicopters and then putting patrols out on foot in the rugged mountain areas. Tens of thousands of illegals come across the border in the mountains every year.

Passings have been made more difficult in San Diego, California, and in El Paso, Texas, by increasing enforcement in these areas.

The illegal immigrants are taken into custody, but usually released to go back to Mexico and not face any fines or jail time.

One Mexican had been deported three times before. Another said he was a foot guide for the smugglers and was to be paid $200 a person. Neither met federal prosecution guidelines.

"That's what's so demoralizing," said Chuck Albrecht, the Air Mobile Unit's field operations supervisor. "You know a lot of them are just going to try again eight hours later."

When is something going to be done in order to stop these illegals from coming over our borders? Nothing seems to deter them; not even the threat of dehydration or death. It's as if, 'at first I don't succeed, I'll try, try, again.'

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