Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ralph Edwards, Host of This Is Your Life, Dies at 92

Ralph Edwards, famous broadcasting pioneer, died in his home on Wednesday, of heart failure. He first made it big in 1940 with Truth Or Consequences on the radio. That show later went to television in 1941. When we went to World War II, that interrupted the television shows, and Truth or Consequences didn't come back to television until 1950.

Earlier that year, Edwards had promised to broadcast the Truth or Consequences show from whatever town agreed to change it's name. Hot Springs, N.M., in a vote 1,294 - 295, voted to change their name. Edwards said he went back to Truth or Consequences, N.M. many times, over the years.

Besides changing the name, townspeople made Edwards an honorary member of the Sheriff's Posse. The name continues a half-century later. Periodic efforts to reverse the change failed.

"I am truly proud of my namesake city and have enjoyed a wonderful association throughout the years," he said.

Edwards' wife, Barbara, died in 1993. They had been married for 53 years. They have one son, and two daughters. The memorial service for Edwards will be December 1st.

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