Saturday, November 26, 2005

Text Messaging Gets Teenager In Trouble

I am one of those who thinks cell phones have gotten a little too much on them, such as cameras and text messaging. And, it has come to haunt a teenager, who was text messaging on his cell phone, while driving!

The teenager from Highlands Ranch, CO, hit a cyclist while trying to send a text message on his cell phone. The Sheriff's Department doesn't think it was intentional, just 'inattentiveness' to the road. But, by Colorado law, this mistake could cost him a year in jail, if he's charged with careless driving resulting in death. The cyclist, Jim R. Price, died two days later.

Price's wife says she's not angry with the teen. She thinks he made a stupid mistake. But, her husband had been hit by a car, while cycling 2 years ago, on a bike path. And, he had been very careful of cars since.