Thursday, November 10, 2005

Veterans Day Has Fresh Meaning For Iraqi Freedom Vets

You have no doubt heard the tale of grief and woe, not coming from the soldiers in Iraq, or those that have been there, but from people who perhaps have never been, and were not in favor of the war. I've heard from several soldiers who have been in Iraq, and while it's probably not some place they would have chosen to go on their own, they are committed to doing their duty and defending our freedom.

All of the veterans have their own stories and memories of the battles in which they have fought. And, those fresh from the battle in Iraq have their memories and stories as well. Most are eager to return - even those who have been wounded.

Retired Navy Rear Adm. Greg Slavonic was visiting wounded coalition soldiers in Baghdad's International Zone hospital last year when he started a conversation with a badly wounded soldier. That day, the soldier was being prepared for evacuation to Germany to receive critical medical care.

"There was no doubt his rehab was going to take months," Slavonic recalled. As medical staff continued to ready the soldier for his flight out of Iraq, the soldier looked at Slavonic and said "'Sir, I want to go back to my unit and my buddies. The job's not done here, and I'm not ready to go home. Can you help me stay?'" Slavonic said the soldier told him.

These men and women have payed a price that most of us will never pay. Some have payed with loss of limbs; others have paid with their lives. But, still they love their country enough to press on.

Not all experiences in Iraq are good ones. But, they aren't all bad ones, either. For every death or shooting, the soldiers are met with 'high fives' by the children, and soldiers are being thanked for what they are doing in Iraq. The news media just doesn't cover all the good - mostly the bad.

These men and women have served the military and sacrificed themselves so that we may be free. There is a common bond among them all - service in Iraq - and they have the convictions that veterans are owed a lot by their nation.

As one man said so rightly, "The American public needs to take just a minute to say thank you, not only on Veteran's Day, but every day." I do each day - living with a Vietnam veteran.

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Laurie said...

Thank you very much for this post. Very well said.

To Hell with Fascism said...

"...So that we may be 'free'"?? Who are you kidding? Take a look around. If you think this is a free country try being terminally ill and trying to make the adult decision to be euthanised. Guess what? You can't in this so-called "free country". Try being just any adult and making the personal adult decision to go out on your back porch and smoke a joint of marijuana. You'll get hauled off to jail in this "free country" if you try that. Try being a dissenter and going to a Bush regime ass-kissing contest like he stages every time he travels the country trying to sell some hare-brained scheme like raping Social Security. If you open your mouth (or even are wearing an anti-Bush shirt) his thugs will drag you away by your hair. Nowadays, try just checking out a book the government doesn't like or talking a little too loudly about how America brings all of its problems upon itself. Or see if you can go to a peaceful protest march without being photographed by the fascist police pigs. This country hasn't had ONE SINGLE DAY yet in its sordid shameful history in which anyone with any sense at all could call it a "free country". Grow up.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Laurie.

Barbara said...

Yes, we are a free nation. But, we also have responsibilities in being a citizen of this nation. There are laws and we have to abide by them, just as the OT people had to abide by their laws. It's called being responsible.

If you don't like the way this country is run, why not try finding another nation where you have MORE freedoms.

By the way, I have 'grown up', and probably been through more than you, since you sound like a 'child' who has been caught stealing candy from the 'candy store'.

But, you do have just one thing wrong. There IS a place, sad to say, where a terminally-ill person can go choose to be put to death legally within the US. Try Oregon!

Anonymous said...

Just because something is a "law" does not make it right. Nazi Germany had plenty of "laws" (and probably no lack of people like yourself crowing about how "free" of a country it was!) but that did not make them right. Being a citizen doesn't mean blind obedience. And "stealing from a candy store"?? Did I once mention any qualms about theft being illegal? Of course not, that is a REAL law, unlike many fake "laws" that are on the books. If you think just because a "law" is on the books it is automatically right, just look at Rosa Parks and her bus seat situation. You're right about Oregon, however do you really think you have a point when it is one state out of fifty in which an adult can choose to be euthanised? And this is assuming the federal government of the Fourth Reich doesn't clamp down on it or use some petty excuse to revoke Oregon's highway funding or some such to leverage them into repealing it like it does every time any state or county decides it is going to defy the Nazi government and let its adults be real adults and have the choice to smoke pot? And no, America is not and has NEVER BEEN a free country because there has never been one day yet when at least one group of people or another hasn't been second-class citizens. Unless by "free country" you really mean "police state". Yeah, be really proud of your police state.

SacramentoVoice said...

Thanks for the Great post, and please never mind the crazy posters that don't even have the guts to link to their profile.
this is my first time looking at you blog i will have to keep looking back,. thanks again.

Barbara said...

Anonymous, I have no idea where you are coming from - state, that is, even if you are in America. If you are, then you certainly are down on your country. If you are outside of the states, then you really don't know much about America and her heritage!

Oregon is a state that has the right to make their 'laws', however they see fit. That's called freedom in America, not that I think that we have the right to decide to kill ourselves. But, if you want, go right ahead; I won't be your judge.

Beiing A Christian means honoring God, obeying HIS commandments, and giving unto Ceaser his due. That doesn't mean I have to believe in everything the government, the state, nor my town/city has to say. But, I do have to obey man's laws, as long as they don't over take God's Truth.

I have a hard time believing that you are a Christian, with the attitude you are taking toward America, and on Bush, in particular. You think this is a 'police state/nation', try going to China and voicing your opinions. You might just change your mind, and be glad to be a citizen of the US. I thank God I'm a CITIZEN OF TWO WORLDS - God's being the most prevalent!

Barbara said...

Todd, Thanks for the nice post. You are right; anyone that isn't willing to post a name, and has to hide behind anonymous, shouldn't be afforded an answer to the post.

But, he has posted under 'to hellwith fascism' AND anonymous, so he really thinks he's right and he's going to persuade those of us in disagreement to soon agree.But, it will never happen. America, with all her flaws, is still the most free country in the world. If Anonymous, or whomever he is, doesn't agree, he should pack his bags and go wherever he thinks he could live in more freedom.